Saturday, August 05, 2017


Been a while. Too long. But I've been busy. I've jumped back into the belly of the beast and have been toiling away at setting up another record label. Yep, I never learn. I am running it in cahoots with my old friend Edgar Lee (one half of the great Dr. Jim's label), and it's called SORCERER. There's no Facebook or Bandcamp page yet - they're on the horizon - and this is the first time I've ever gone 'public' (i.e. other than just verbally telling friends) in announcing it (as if the world's been waiting). Anyway, first off the block will be a vinyl reissue of the DOG FACED HERMANS' first LP, Humans Fly, from 1988 (featuring the two bonus cuts which were only ever available on the German edition of the time); vinyl reissues of F/i's two best albums of the '80s, Why Not Now!...Alan? and Space Mantra (both of which I reissued onto CD for the first time 15 - 17 years ago. Oh, how times change); the new LP (and likely CD) from Melbourne's righteous mongrel-rock juggernaut, HOSS (first recording in nearly 20 years!); a vinyl issue of Joel Silbersher and Charlie Owens' Tendrils album from 1995 (totally classic downer-folk release from these giants which needs a serious reappraisal from all and sundry); and there's a bunch more very exciting releases I would love to announce this very second, but the ink is barely dry so I'll wait a week or two. It will be a mix of new releases and reissues. It will be worth your time and mine. Thank you.

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