Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A buddy who sent me this link today put me in a Def Con 4/High Alert state of mind. Fact is, it put me in an O-Mind frame of mind, if that means anything. Thank the heavens for Youtube. How else would mere mortals like you and I be able to view clips such as this - thee great MX-80 Sound playing in their basement in 1978 and filmed for a local cable TV station - in the year 2012? For myself, and even others, the first 3 MX-80 LPs - 1977's Hard Attack (released on the UK branch of Island Records, not even securing a US version at the time) and the two Ralph long-players, 1980's Out Of The Tunnel (a def' desert-isle disc for moi) and '81's Crowd Control - are life-affirmers of the highest order. You know that. After all, I've written about about 'em before. So, that business is out of the way. Watch. This.

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