Monday, September 12, 2011

I bought a copy of Creedence's Cosmo's Factory LP when I was 16. It seemed like a logical choice. Bands I liked - some so obvious I dare not mention their name - liked 'em a whole lot, and I figured I should, too. Their LPs were a dime a dozen at the time. I think I paid $2. I still own that record; I still play that record. This track was brought up in conversation today. My protagonist, a man of sound judgment prone to hyperbole like we all are, mentioned "Ramble Tamble", noting it to be his favourite CCR song of them all, also noting its similarity to mid-'80s Sonic Youth. He is correct (again, for reasons perhaps too obvious to mention). Prior to today, I had never discussed this song's greatness to a living soul, yet its greatness struck me all those years ago, and echoes today. It remains the band's meisterwerk, a mesmerising slice of rockabilly choogle and expansive, almost psychedelic jamming. The breakdown in the middle, which then leads into an ever-evolving twang of guitars and soaring feedback before heading back into an upbeat 4/4 rock & roll number, is possibly better than any moment in a Velvet Undeground song. They sold a zillion records and yet they still made great records. More on this topic soon.


Viva said...

Just in case you might like it:

Anonymous said...

Um, as far as I know, this is a 'psychedelic' record, I mean it's called 'cosmos factory' not 'boofheads' brewery'.