Thursday, May 12, 2011

I told you I was on semi-hiatus. I'll try to get a proper post done this weekend. In the meantime, you could do much worse than watching Dave Markey's Reality 86'd, which has just been posted onto Vimeo here. The film has been caught up in a legal wrangle for years - Greg Ginn apparently being a killjoy in not wanting to see it released (don't ask me why) - and since I'm not sure if this version will be pulled soon, or whether Markey and Ginn have finally come to an agreement, I'd say get in quick and check it out now. The movie? It's Markey's documentary of Black Flag's last ever tour in 1986. He says it's a slice of history, and he's correct.


Viva said...

The film can't resist 20 years of hype. Kind of bluff. It shows that in 1986 Gone was hotter than Flag though. Or is it just the film's editing fault?

Dave said...

Never liked the C'el/Anthony line-up of 'Flag, despite Ginn's claim that it was the best line-up. In fact, it's the ONLY line-up I don't like a great deal, even though they were touring on the strongest post-"Damaged" LP from the band ("In My Head"). It's certainly an interesting slice of history, but then again, you probably have to be interested in this stuff in the first place.