Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now that Jim over at The Houndblog seems to be on a bit of a semi-permanent vacation, I'm getting a lot of my musical education from Mr. Boogiewoody over at Bebop Wine Done Gone blog. Although less verbose than the Hound, his site gives you the lowdown on the best rock & roll, R & B, jump blues, etc. from yesteryear in a totally non-condescending and informative manner, posting cover art, a bio, tracks, clips and even downloads of old LPs not available anymore (and he's a rare example of a music blogger w/ a moral streak: he never posts from in-print material, preferring his readers to actually pay for this stuff. Who'da thunk?). I guess it's a part of my personality make-up which leads me to these obsessions: at one point in my life it was first-wave US hardcore, another time it was krautrock, and at other times it's been SST, ESP, FMP and other three-initial labels, but currently it's my desire to hear and know all about the great pre-rock & roll blues-derived music which has taken hold of me. If you think I'm going off on a tangent here, keep in mind that this blog is nothing but that: tangents. Above are a few songs and clips which may convince the doubtful. If those tunes leave you cold, you'd better check yourself for a pulse.

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