Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sheez! Been a bit crazy of late, haven't been able to nurture this blog the way I oughta. In the meantime, check out this PIVIXKI clip, live at the Empress last year. Hey, I was there! And I wrote about it, too! PIVIXKI = local avant wunderkind Anthony Pateras and grind drummer to the stars, Max Kohane (Agents of Abhorrence, Cut Sick!, Brain Children and about a zillion others). They've just recorded their full-length debut w/ Casey Rice and it'll be out mid year on Lexicon Devil. It's fuggin' unreal. More than just the Iannis Xenakis + Discordance Axis equation they're known for, there's prepared piano, wurlitzer organ and a whole lot more, making it comparable to a hyperspeed take on Goblin or Magma or somethin'. Like I always try to keep in mind: the well has never truly run dry.

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