Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Teen Archer from stacey z on Vimeo.

New-ish local 4-piece who absolutely knocked my socks off last Friday at an all-ages show I caught at the Loophole Community Centre w/ a bunch of hardcore bands. Yes, I'm still swingin' it w/ The Kids. What are you doing w/ your life? They've got a 10" out and I need it. And when I get it, I'm gonna write about it. Sonically, there's major 'Flag damage happening - mostly w/ their awesome sense of tension/release and inventive guitar twaddling which fills their songs - but they've got some sax action in the mix, too, lending it a quality non unlike Funhouse or Loud-era Half Japanese. Whatever. They don't sound like anything blindingly obvious, but their insanely lively performance (headlining to a half-empty room, after the venue had been packed solid all night w/ folks going wild to the support acts, whom, good as they were - and they were good - kept their sonic structures much more in the comfortable confines of "hardcore punk". What the fuck is wrong w/ you people?!) just about blew my head clear off. It felt good. I left stunned and jabbering. I'd just seen something great. This rather sketchy clip doesn't really do 'em justice, so you'll just have to take the plunge yourself.

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