Thursday, May 28, 2009

FLIPPER - Love/Fight 2CD
I kinda have a vested interest in this, since the company I work for has just licensed the two brand new Flipper albums - the studio disc, Love, and the live disc, Fight - due to my pestering, and put them together as a 2CD set to mark their debut Australian tour starting next week. Best of all, the albums are GREAT. You didn't think American Grafishy was any good? Did you even listen to it? I thought not. I can't wait to see 'em. I feel like I'm 15 again. Actually, I screenprinted my own Flipper t-shirt when I was 15, so I might dig it out for the occasion and use it as a hanky. Hope to see you at the shows!


Michael said...

oh boy oh boy I can't wait to hear these - and "Fucked Up Once Again" song from Grafishy was a classic, I tell ya.

Karl said...

Amazing show in Sydney last night. Dragged out my two Flipper records after first reading this post (it had been a loooong time since I'd given 'em a listen) & was happy to hear they had aged real well. Dragged myself out to the Manning Bar thinking it should be an OK show (but not necessarily great–hell I'm old & jaded these days you know) but was happily surprised when Flipper pulled off one of the best shows I've seen in years. Complete with an on-stage stoush between Bruce & Steve that saw the drummer storm off, come back on & resume the argument before Bruce left the stage & the band did 'Sex Bomb Baby' with audience members providing the vocals. Seems the volatility remains in the band, & that's what's kept them great 30 years down the track. Man, I felt like a drunk twenty year old again. Gonna have to pick up the Love/Fight discs.

As for X, look I love them & all, but it ain't quite the same band without Rilen. That bottom end was just missing & not wanting to be negative about Lucas keeping the spirit alive, it was definitely a different beast. Too bad.