Friday, August 29, 2008

Yawning Man European tour dates!!
September 4th at the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain
September 5th Katharinenstr. 11-13, Dresden 01099 Germany
September 6th Spielbudenplatz 5, Hamburg 20539 Germany

If you happen to be in the area, there's no other place you should be...


Anonymous said...

Long time no talk to; however--did I ever send you the Yawning Man demos? I got them from one of the guys in Fatso Jetson--they were supposed to be re-mastered and released on Alone Records ages ago. Somewhere back in 2003 I e-mailed the guy in FJ and asked him how I could obtain these great songs (as he was playing in a band with these guys) I had heard on an old Gullwing skateboard video. He told me to send him a CD and he would burn their four track demos onto it for me. I have played that CD for numerous people over the years and it blows their mind. Sooo good. I didn't find out about their reunion until after they played L.A.--was so bummed I missed them live. Then Rock Formations came out, etc. Anyway, hope things are well with you. Take care.

(Big Boys website guy)

Dave said...

Hey Scott,

yep, I've got the demos and could probably release them if I wanted to (I think Gary and Mario would give me permission), but to be honest, I'm already up to my neck in other things, namely the new Yawning Sons CD (Mario/Gary w/ UK band Sons of Alpha Centurai), and Yawning Man will be recording a new album for the new year. Plus there's the Australian Ten East tour for December, w/, yep, Gary and Mario again! Hope all is well.

Michael said...

Yawning Sons! How cool. Yet another rec I now look forward to hearing.