Sunday, November 18, 2007

SONIC YOUTH play here in February as part of Don't Look Back's "classic album" series, playing the entire Daydream Nation album in full, with the Scientists performing Blood Red River as support. Now, I'm old enough to've witnessed Sonic Youth the first time around when they were touring on the back of Daydream Nation (yeah, so stick that one up yer jumper), so could it possibly match up 20 years later? The last time I saw SY, I slipped into a deep coma. That was '04 or '5 on their Sonic Nurse tour. Perhaps this will cut the mustard, though should one really get excited over these shameless nostalgia trips? Is it not SY admitting defeat to their fans and saying, "Yes, we know, you like our old stuff better than our new stuff, so we'll give you what you want". A friend of mine said today that he thought it was merely an "indie" version of the Eagles getting back together so they can slay audiences worldwide w/ a back-to-back live rendition of the entire Hotel California LP. Hey, what the fuck, let's not analyse this too much: I dig the band, I dig the album and you know damn well I'm a nostalgic kinda guy, so you can count me in.

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Mrow said...

Those Don't Look Back shows never seem to leave London alone - Sonic Youth, Melvins, Green On Red, Sebadoh, etc. all have done full LPs in-exact-song-order recently. I find the whole conceit really, really offputting - it shuts off so much of what going to gig is about for me.

But Londoners love that kinda high concept/contextualization. Like, they need the reassurance of knowing they are witnessing something "classic" to really understand why they've paid to see a bunch of old farts on a stage with gtrs.