Friday, October 12, 2007

THE NECKS - Townsville CD (Fish Of Milk/2007)
I can't figure for the life of me why the band felt this gig to be such a mind-blower that it needed to be documented as a live album. Townsville was recorded on the 15th of February this year in, well, Townsville (way up the far North, for you foreigners, the "far North" being somewhat like the Deep South in the US: hot and backwards), and it strikes me as a particularly unengaging and pedestrian affair from a band I consider to be one of the best live units on the goddamn planet. Saw them two nights in a row earlier this year (check out the archives, the reviews are there somewhere) and they fried brains from wall to wall at their Corner Hotel shows: a three-piece piano-bass-drums who peeled paint w/ a humungous sound caught somewhere twixt Cecil Taylor and a Gamelan orchestra. They shoulda recorded those two shows and released a box set! Townsville is mellow and extemely minimal in the rhythm section - a fair bit of this sounds like a solo piano disc - and whilst it's OK by most standards, somewhat like an old Terry Riley platter, given the Necks' tracks record in the 21st century thus far, w/ albums such as Aether, Hanging Garden, Drive-By, Mosquito/See Through and last year's The Chemist - a collection of just about the greatest recordings by any band anywhere from the last 7 years of life on earth -you may understand my disappointment in not having my senses once again rearranged by the genius of The Necks. Completists will want this one to throw on the shelf, though dilletantes need start elsewhere.

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Thuringowa city Rep said...

mate your the one that is start with Townsville is in NORTH QUEENSLAND..ok and Cairns is in FAR NORTH that as for the concert...this was not in Townsville like you seem to think, it was at the Riverway in Thuringowa city, do a google search mate and you will find out that i am correct..oh and just so you know, i live in Thuringowa city, near the Riverway, And was at this concert (i go toalmost all of the concerts here) plus it is NOT that hot here.
Do a google search for Thuringowa Riverway and Thuringowa city, also while your at it type in "the necks Townsville".
have fun