Friday, August 17, 2007

Huh... a coupla things. For some reason, out of nowhere, has sprung Squawkbox, revisiting me like an old friend, or perhaps a creepy stalker I'd like to get lost. You can make a comment above or below, it don't matter.
Seems like a couple of guys from Dayton, Ohio's Oxymorons have been doing a Google search on themselves and found my review for their cassette I wrote in '04. This 'net thing really is shrinking the world by the minute. Check out some info on the band here. I stand by what I said: the cassette remains a great heart-starter and something I intend to hang onto.
If you're really up for a laugh, you may want to check your newsstands for the latest issue of JMag, in which you will find an article on moi and the crazy, topsy-turvy world of music bloggers. We're a nutty bunch and we just don't care!
Back soon, for now I'm linking to some past posts you probably ignored...

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