Monday, December 27, 2004


Here’s something so strange it took me a few full minutes to properly digest it and believe it. My wife received a digital camera for Xmas, a Samsung V3 w/ 3.1 megapixel. Make any sense? Didn’t think so. Me neither. Anyway, she was mucking around with it all day on Xmas at various relatives’ places, and only yesterday got time to sit down and put the disk into the computer to download the photos. She called me into the room as she was doing this and pointed to the screen, asking if I knew who these people were. It was a photo of END. End, you ask? Why, the Greek Black Metal band I wrote about here. I asked her why she had taken a photo of End. I mean, it’s just a black and white photo of three ugly dudes caught in the “howling” pose with corpsepaint and six-inch forearms studs. Not really something to frame and put on the dining room wall. She said she hadn’t, that it was a sample photo, along with a sunset, supplied by Samsung on the disc.

I didn’t believe her. I figured she must have taken a photo of them from one of the CD booklets I had lying around, or that she had downloaded it from the net. When I realized that the quality of the image was too good for a photo, and that the probability of her searching out pictures of End (whom she’s never heard of and could care even less for: her enthusiasm for Black Metal runs at zero and below) and posting them in this file were likely nil, I suddenly came to the brainiac conclusion she wasn’t fucking with my head. Someone at Samsung was!

Somewhere in their lab is a Black Metal geek having a real nyuk-nyuk with his ridiculous gag: putting a picture of an obscure Greek Black Metal group in the software for thousands, maybe millions, of digital-camera purchasers worldwide to see. The picture in itself is from the inside cover of the debut album, and is called “” (or something like that), but answer me this: why End? Why not Burzum? Darkthrone? Emperor? You know, one of the "big" names. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any stranger, it does.

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