Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Since the comments box is a relatively new edition to this site, and most people can't be bothered going through the archives to search for topics they may be interested in, let me steal an idea from someone else and link you back to some previous topics you may be inclined to comment on. After all, I didn't fuck around with that goddamn SquawkBox programme for hours for nothing. Fire away!

Top 50 Albums of All Time
John Fahey / Tyrannosaurus Rex / Twink / Magma
Live gigs
Robert Wyatt
Cabaret Voltaire
The Beatles' White Album
SST cassette atrocities
Sub Pop does good
More kick-ass cassette reviews
The Scene Is Now
Rockin' in Scotland with Dawson, Stretchheads, Dog Faced Hermans and others
Electric Wizard
Spacemen 3
Boo Boo fanzine / James "Blood" Ulmer

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