Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oh man, don't get me started... You heard me: DON'T GET ME STARTED ON VICE MAGAZINE! I'll have you here for hours, dribbling into yer ears about how loathsome I find that publication, how it saps any intelligent thought, idealism, individuality and non-conformity out of the "counter-culture" and replaces with it reams of elitist, soulless, mean-spirited, tragically unfunny, attention-seeking, fashion-victim, no-talent fuckwads who'd be better off existing on another planet. Oh yeah, and there's lots of ads for clothing I wouldn't be caught dead in. And lots of really bad music no-one on Earth is going to be talking about in 5 years time. And irony. Aah, "irony", the last hope of the damned. When all else fails and you really have nothing to say, you can always rely on irony. Vice mag: fuck you very much. I told you, don't get me started. Read here and here instead. Thank you.

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