Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Old punkers never die, they just hang around the 'net writing blogs. For proof of this, I'll direct you here to none other than Bob Mould's!! Man, what's up with this world?! Have I been taking my crazy pills again? OK, I jest; it's actually a pretty good read. Bob covers a wide variety of topics and still (vaguely) has his fingers on the pulse regarding his music-listening habits (well, at least he still spins the odd Germs disc - something I didn't quite expect). I haven't dug (or been remotely interested in) anything the guy's done since his Workbook solo effort from the late '80s (a really good - no, GREAT - album, no matter what anyone says), but for sentimental reasons I'm glad to see he's doing OK. Now, all we need is a couple of blog sites from the likes of Ted Falconi, Chuck Dukowski, Tim Kerr, Greg Sage, Gary Floyd and Dez Cadena. Then I'll be real happy.

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