Tuesday, August 03, 2004

(Sorry, but I intend on pulling this lame "High Five" shit every week from now on.)

1998 meisterwerk from the perennial man-on-the-go bassist, this gets my vote as the finest "Jazz" release of the last ten years or more. A quartet recording with the perfect balance of space, clutter, melody and noise.
2) ROXY MUSIC - First Kiss 2CD
Uh, read below.
3) GANG OF FOUR - Entertainment CD
Always been a little luke-warm about this one, but it sure is sounding good this week. Must be the weather.
4) BOREDOMS - Super Ar CD
One day the world will pull its head out of its ass and recognise the genius of this album. A perfect combination of the Beefheart-ish, spastic experiments of their earlier works and the cleaner, trancier efforts of late, this is flat-out one of the best - if not the best - "experimental rock" or whatever-you-care-to-call-it albums of the last decade. A work of cut-up genius on a par with Chrome's Alien Soundtracks and Faust's Tapes, this 1998 platter leaves me gobsmacked. I was a lazy turd when it came to grasping its greatness: don't let it happen to you.
5) ROYAL TRUX - s/t CD
Commonly known as the 'Trux's "3rd Album", due to the fact that their 1st long-player is also self-titled, I bought the LP of this upon release in '92, sold it sometime in the late '90s (when I was about to travel overseas, it was a brutal record cull not seen since the likes of...) and, of course, bought the same fucking thing just a few weeks back on CD cheap as a secondhand item. Great driving music, in a 1993 review of this I threw the "'Stones" word at them as an insult. Now it's 2004 and I can use the same word as a complement. I think that's called "growing up", or so I've heard. Cool-as-fuck junkie blues with just enough riffs 'n' hooks to stop it from making a slow crawl up its own backside. I'm hanging onto this this time around, that's a promise.

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