Sunday, August 22, 2004

(for those who care... I've got a busy week ahead of me and this is likely all I'll get to write for the next 5 days or so)

1) DIE KREUZEN - October File LP
I must be the only guy on the 'net who actually prefers this to their mighty debut from '84.
2) BIRTHDAY PARTY - Prayers on Fire CD
Reading a Nick Cave article in the weekend edition of The Australian made me pull this one out...
3) THE SAINTS - I'm Stranded CD
...and then I went here. First two Saints discs: absolutely unbeatable.
4) DAWSON - How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead LP
Read below for the spiel on this. Room-clearing noise/punk/funk/jazz/dub racket of a very high order. Hunt this down!
5) SOFT BOYS - Only the Stones Remain LP
Just borrowed this off a friend today. Live LP w/ a killer cover of the 'Floyd's "Astronomy Domine". Sounds good after, well, one listen so far.
6) PINK FLOYD - Umma Gumma 2LP
Speaking of which... it took me many years to get over my post-Barrett PF phobia, but I'll now stand by the awesome musical canon of this, More and Saucerful of Secrets. But the buck stops there.
7) LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY - The Lowest Form of Music 10-CD box
Got this a few years back in a trade with Ron at RRR, and before I croak I promise to listen to the whole thing. For now, just one disc a year... but what a package! The liner notes and booklet alone should've earned someone a Grammy.
TG's high-point and the most musical album they ever did. Live, improvised, trance-inducing and pretty darn scary. They meant it, man.
9) MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Isn't Anything CD
Like I noted in some other entry: this band, and the entire hoo-ha and press surrounding them back in the day meant nothing to me at the time. UK indie was simply not on the radar. It still isn't, but this, and Loveless, are good enough to make an exception.
10) SAINT VITUS - Born Too Late CD
The original stoner/doom titans, strutting their flared wares back in the mid '80s. Yeah, so the vocals aren't so hot, but the swinging looseness, fuzzed guitar (and bass!) and sublime cover of the 'Flag's "Thirsty & Miserable" are good enough.

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