Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Ask, search the net and ye shall find. OK, I didn't exactly get what I asked for below - a tape of the John Lydon's 1977 radio appearances - but look what happens when you type in "Tommy Vance" "John Lydon" "1977" to search on Google: a fucking university thesis on John Lydon's musical influences!

To be fair, I'm not knocking the efforts of author (scholar? Professor?) Sean Albiez - it's actually a well-written and -researched piece - though I do find it hilarious that this stuff - once the firm territory of fanzine geeks - now earns one respectable prefixes and suffixes attached to their name. For the record, these are/were Lydon's alleged favourites (or at least people he referenced) at the time:

"Funhouse -The Stooges, Hawkwind, Captain Beefheart, Tago Mago - Can, T-Rex, Gary Glitter, "New Musical Express (NME) Rock types", Arthur Brown, David Bowie, Alice Cooper,The Black Byrds (Donald Byrd), The Ohio Players, "Soul/Dance groups", Reggae sound systems/Dub, Bitches Brew - Miles Davis, The Kinks, Iggy Pop, Nadir's Big Chance - Peter Hammill, Van Der Graaf Generator, John Cale, Lou Reed, Life is Just Beginning - The Creation, Sweet Surrender - Tim Buckley, Neil Young, Dr. Alimantado, Roxy Music, Waiting for the Sun - The Doors, Irish and Scottish Folk music, Vivien Jackson and the Prophets,"never Yes", "not NY Punk" and not "Mike Oldfield, Faust, Henry Cow or Gong" [but obviously aware of these Virgin artists before the Pistols signed to the label]"

Funny to see his dissing of Faust, Gong and Henry Cow, though I think the author has his facts screwed up a little here. This is in reference to Lydon name-checking them in his Rotten autobiography, where he notes "all Virgin had at the time (mid '70s) were avant-garde bands like Faust, Gong and Henry Cow...", which doesn't actually mean he dislikes them; it was more the case of Lydon trying to point out Virgin's commercially nowhere roster during the period. Sheez, I'm beginning to sound like I should start a thesis on this non-issue!

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