Sunday, May 16, 2004

WFMU Live Broadcasts

Got a nice letter today from WFMU program director, Brian Turner, who sent me a link to the archives section of his excellent radio show on New Jersey's finest audio outlet. He figured that my fandom for both the Soft Boys and Khanate ("a rare juxtaposition", he noted) would tweak my interest, and the man is right! Look at that list of live-to-air performances: Khanate, Soft Boys, Ghost, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Damo Suzuki w/ Cul de Sac, Acid Mothers, Kinski, Temple of Bon Matin... the list goes on. There's even an interview with John Morton of the Electric Eels(!). Great, that's all I need: another reason to sit in front of this computers for hours on end. Time to cancel a few appointments...

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