Monday, June 17, 2013

Sheesh!.... What to make of this? I've tried getting through the whole 10 minutes about 3 times, and each attempt is exactly that: an attempt. At its top-flight best, this clip of 2013's Black Flag - the Greg Ginn/Ron Reyes vehicle for reputation destruction - would possibly pass for a D-grade BF covers band. At its worst - which is about 80% of the time - it's an effin' embarrassment for all involved. There's something so damn sluggish about this performance. Wait a sec... that'd be the drummer's fault, wouldn't it? Why, yes, it would. That's Gregory Moore, the shoeless 'n' clueless wonder who whacks the skins like a klutz on heat. Ginn has usually possessed a sound ear for hot musicians of many stripes. Even when he roped in a couple of zeroes like Anthony Martinez and C'el Rivuelta as the rhythm section for the final line-up of the band in the mid '80s, he eschewed sound fashion sense in the pure pursuit of the music (ie. - those guys could play). But the rhythm section in BF 2013 sounds like amateur night, and whilst Ginn is many things, that's one thing he's not... although I'd also say his chops sound a bit rusty in this clip, and Ron Reyes' Rollins impersonation should've been kept in the rehearsal room. The band has, from what I can gather, received a lot of flak for their less-than-inspiring shows, and sure, mocking Ginn and his pursuits at this point in history is like shooting a fish in a barrel... so take your best shot.


Anonymous said...

The last BF member standing:


Syd said...

I thought it was ok, but then again I have never been that much invested in Black Flag's music. I like it, but it wasn't a formative experience in my youth.
Maybe try multitasking while watching....
Love the blog though.