Thursday, March 21, 2013

Here's a link you may want to listen to: it's a radio show from earlier this week compared by myself and Dave "Dog Meat" Laing, broadcast on 3RRR. Dave and I were invited on possibly due to the gimmick of us sharing virtually the same name, but also because we'd previously been on the show, Primary Colours (usually hosted by local goodguy, Woody Mc Donald) on separate occasions last year: I did specials on both the SST label and post-war R & B/blues/rockabilly (linked here before: search if you care) and Dave Laing did a special on boogie/blues/hard-rock from Australia in the 1970s. There's also the strange coincidences in our respective lives: we both grew up in the dullsville suburb of North Balwyn and attended the same primay school (though Laing is 7 years my senior), both worked at Shock Records for a period in the 1990s (me for 4 years, he for 20[!]), shared a work space at Fuse Music a couple of years back and both used to run record labels (his being the far more famous/reputable Dog Meat). Isn't that fascinating? I used to listen to Dave on the radio back in the '80s when he had a show on RRR w/ Bruce Milne entitled Russian Roulette. The first time I heard Roky Erickson or Rocket From The Tombs was on that very show. Dave's tastes in music vary widely to mine - he hates jazz and has zero interest in hardcore - but, and I guess I'm making a wild assumption here, we have mutual respect for each others' musical worldview. I play some old faves by the likes of the Wipers, Big Boys, Eno and Die Kreuzen, and Laingers dives head-first into a Blue Oyster Cult/Flamin' Groovies world of sound before taking us into a journey through pub-rock purgatory. Anyway! Enough of my yappin', just enjoy the tunes and dulcet tones of two old men well past the peak of their game. Link is here.

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Got a link to that 70s boogie/hard rock show? Would be much appreciated!