Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bloody hell, the frogs can indeed rock when need be. These two clips from Metal Urbain have given me a slap across the face the past week, the combo of jagged Stooges riffs and electro scuzz the finest beats this side of early Chrome or Cabaret Voltaire. Hell, if the Screamers had added a James Williamson-style guitar-slinger to their electroid mix, they mighta sounded a whole lot like this. Which goes to show that great ideas - necessary ideas - can often spring up around the globe from disparate sources at an identical point in time, w/ none of the seperate players being aware of each other's existence. Or something like that. Or maybe Metal Urbain were simply a great fucking rock & roll band, and these clips have fried my brain at least a little. Got an anthology CD 'round these parts somewhere, I'm gonna have to dig it out.

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