Monday, December 06, 2010

Here's a live clip of a track from what will likely be my favorite album of 2010. It's Elisa Randazzo's Bruises And Butterflies, released on Drag City. I didn't expect it either. I simply received a promotional copy and gave it a spin, knowing nothing of her, and its allure took hold pretty quick. I wrote about it earlier in the year here. Don't be underwhelmed by this video - it's the only remotely decent one I could find - as the audio, particularly in the first minute, isn't that hot. And visually, if you knew nothing about her, you might immediately suspect you're watching footage from some sprout-eating jam-band hippiefest. But persist, and you might find the depressive west coast folk-rock vibe your thing. Her songs are excellent, her vocal delivery pitch-perfect. Alternately, you might think I've lost my mind. Whatever the case, I've had it on high rotation again the past fortnight, and unless someone can knock my socks off in the next three and a half weeks w/ something, it's likely my pick as release of the year.

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