Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to wrap this up. For good. As you can see, the entry levels on this blog have been somewhat woeful the last few months, and after a week of chewing this over, I've decided to end this blog for good. Of course, I'll keep all content up here for eternity for anyone to browse it in the future, but as for any new entries... nope, that ain't happening. There's two reasons for this: first, as of the last 8 months or so, I've had very little free time to spend on it. Family and work commitments are keeping me far too busy to care about sharing my thoughts on the latest 8" coloured vinyl excursion w/ anyone, and secondly, at this point, I simply feel tapped out and have very little enthusiasm for the "project" known as this blog. There's a zillion of 'em out there, and I'd rather kill it after nearly 5 years of work than let it slide into being truly half-arsed, littered w/ dozens of unenthusiastic entries written only because, at the back of my mind, I feel like it's my "duty" to keep it alive. Blogs come and go, and this one's no different. The label's still happening: out in 2010 should be CDs by the UK's Honey Ride Me A Goat, Melbourne's own Chrome Dome and possibly even that Dawson 2CD retrospective I've spoken about since the dawn of time, plus I've got some other writing projects on the hop, but Lexicon Devil the blog is going the way of the dinosaurs. If nothing else, I can say that this is probably the only blog on earth which has managed to cover everything from Ian Matthews to Immortal to Ali Farka Toure to Universal Congress Of, and damn it, I'm proud of it! Anyway, I'm not turning this into an Oscar's speech. I'm outta here... and to paraphrase the mighty Big Boys: go start your own blog! Oh, you have? OK, send me the link.