Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two measly posts for the whole month! Pee-thetic, I know, and my excuses are many... rearranging the house to make room for the kids (which in essence means trying to squeeze thousands of records, CDs, DVDs, videos and books into as small a space as possible; the move has forced me to discover these things in my possession: books I have not read, music I have not heard and films I have not seen. I truly have way too much junk); my laptop kicked the dust a few weeks back and is getting fixed, which means I have only the clunky old home computer to use, and that's semi-buried under a mountain of shit (see above); and... usual lack of time. I will be back w/ actual content sometime soon. In the meantime, I suggest you purchase the LP reissue (put out by the good mobsters at Scorpio) of Don Cherry's in-fuggin'-credible Tibet LP from the early '70s, the missing link between Terry Riley and Pharoah Sanders. Blew my brain. Might do yours, too. For reading material, browse the blogs listed to the right there as they usually offer fountains of wisdom and information, and if you're up for a laugh, you can check out the paranoid, one-man-against-the-world rantings over at Blog To Comm.


jjrambert said...

This is a horrible bootleg copy. Mine, for starters, is totally warped. I'd suggest seeking out the same album in its legit form: Eternal Now.

Dave said...

Agreed. The cover looks terrible, the changing of title is dumb... but mine ain't warped, it's still a killer album, and I don't feel like blowing $100 to buy the original Eternal Now.