Tuesday, October 20, 2009


THIS (from the I-94 Bar blog):

"We'll get to reviewing the "1971" Stooges disc set on Easy Action in a week or so but here's some blather from Blog To Comm."

RESULTED IN THIS (from you-know-who):

"TWO WEEK LATER POSTSCRIPT THAT I KNOW ALL OF YOU BLOG TO COMM FANS WOULD WANT TO GET IN ON THE KNOW ABOUT: Some of you may have arrived at this post via a link up via a blog called THE BARMAN'S RANT which for all practical purposes is an offshoot of the long-running "I-94" website which features a variety of rock-related items mostly of a Detroit high energy rock or Australian derivation thereof. Anyhow, for some maybe not-so-occult reason the purveyor of this particular blog, a gent whose name escapes me at this moment, decided to link the above Stooges review up on his blog which on the surface sounded just swimmingly well, at least until the point where he decides to use the not-so-descriptive adjective "blather" in order to attempt drilling another asshole into my well-protected hiney. It makes me wonder why he decided to link my piece up in the first place (other than he, a friend and follower of noted backstabber Ken Shimamoto, undoubtedly wanted to join in on the BTC bashing that has been so in vogue these past few decades), and worse yet, the entire drama makes me ponder the purpose of this particular piece of humanity wanting to become a follower of BLOG TO COMM other than to somehow provoke a confrontation between us, which if in fact he wants one is something he no doubt will be getting much to his chagrin.

Needless to say I've tried (unsuccessfully) to remove "the Barman" from the above list of "followers", and yeah if the guy is pushing buttons and wants to tangle for whatever socially/politically conscious reason he may I'm more than willing to chop off his head for my eye. Remember, this button pushes back, and if in fact you do want to start something with me I'm not going to back off any. Y'see, I always did like sending ineffectual effetes to their doom y'know..."



Go here for the most laughably self-serving repudiation from Mr. Stigliano (especially the second paragraph; apparently it was Craig being the over-reacting paranoiac, not Chris) to this whole embarrassment. It should've been headlined, "Aaaww, Mom, he MADE me do it!".


Anonymous said...

WOW! This guy has some serious problems!!!

Jimmy said...

Jesus Dave, I've always been curious as to your feelings on Stigliano (in light of his fairly incessant jabs at you & Jay over at Detailed Twang) & as much as I enjoy a lot of his blog, fcuk me he's got some big chips on those shoulders of his that makes me skip over a fair few of his entries. I won't even bother commenting on his politics. Ooops, I guess I just did. Anyway I did have a look over at the i94 Bar for the offending link but came up empty, but really if he's offended by the word 'blather' then jesus h, the bloke's got an even thinner skin than I thought.

So come on then, what exactly did you do to him? Outbid him on ebay for some Ayler boot?

What a fcukin' baby.

Dave said...

It's not really something I care to open up again at this point in history, but since Chris won't let it ever rest and probably wakes up every day muttering "MUST. KILL. LANG." to himself, then what the hell do I care? His raging bitterness towards me has zero effect on my life and obviously a large effect on his. For the record: I wrote a rather scathing review of his zine (now deleted from LD) about 4 1/2 years ago. What do I think of Chris? Not really relevant. I don't care about the guy either way. I've ignored him for years, though I posted this entry in question as a reminder regarding what a ridiculously petty human being he can be. Plus it's pretty funny. If he had the slightest sense of humour about himself, he might see something to laugh about, too. I occasionally like his blog for some musical content (and I still like his mag from the 80s/90s for its musical contributions and enlightening pieces on great, neglected artists such as the Electric Eels, Amon Duul, Von Lmo, etc.), but the political waffle, conservative rhetoric and his own crankiness/bitterness makes it hard for me to take right now.

DISTORT said...

I'm impressed at his use of the word "effete", though I'm not too sure a man who spends his life obsessing over a fanzine feud from a decade ago can assume anything but an effette, ineffectual, WIMPish tone when complaining about what was obviously a descriptive word used towards his literate heros like Meltzer and Bangs constantly. What a herb.

Dave said...

These effette, ineffectual types sure seem to have an effect on the guy!

J Neo Marvin said...

Getting on that guy's enemies list is easier than breathing. But his bottomless lack of self-awareness is an endless source of comedy gold.

Dave said...

And once you're on that list, you're on for life!! It's like the Marines or something. It's easier to leave the mob than to get off that list. I get a feeling you get on Chris' shit-list these days if you address him as anything less than Thee Great Poet Lauriette Of The Post-Meltzerian Cosmos or something.