Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aaah... the well has never truly run dry. This is the only footage I've ever seen of the Screamers live at the Masque in '77, and whilst it's a little rough, it's also well worth a viewing if you're a fan, as the band blazes their way through a few of their best songs. On a bit of an LA punk kick (yeah, again...) as I've just viewed a pretty great Zeros DVD I got as a freebie today, which also has some fantastic footage of them on morning TV in '77, as well as a recent interview w/ the Phast Freddie (who comes across really well, kinda like an elder statesmen rock 'n' roll beatnik with a clue. By golly, I hope I can make it into my 50s with that much dignity intact).


Pig State Recon said...

Great clip - never seen anything this early before. Was this really the Masque? Surely it predates Paul Roessler's tenure with the band.

And Phast Phreddie is one inspirational dude. One of my BACK DOOR MAN literary heroes, in fact. Tomata Du Plenty thought highly enough of him to do the artwork for Phred's PRECISION records! Phred could reliably be found working the counter at Rhino Records in Westwood in the 80's, always willing to tell you about some trippy 60's record you didn't know about.

kami said...

dave have you seen population 1 - out on cult epics?! shitload of screamers live footage plus the movie starring tomata and more shit besides. you'd love it

Dave said...

Hey Kami,

See a few entries previous, got a review there!