Friday, March 27, 2009

I was thinking of penning a piece on the US horror-synth outfit, ZOMBI, but you know what? I'd only have to join the queue. You shouldn't need to read anything I'll say about 'em. They get my endorsement. I've been playing that CD above - Surface To Air - as well as their s/t debut LP a whole lot the last week, and the duo known as Zombi, an outfit who are equal parts Goblin and John Carpenter in their ability to create awesome analogue-driven cinematic soundscapes, are worth whatever hype they're getting. They take what could be, in lesser hands, a one-trick schtick w/ the lifespan of half a song into a pleasurable and exciting audio experience that's lasted up to what must be almost half-a-dozen albums.

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I wonder what Edgar Froese thinks?