Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TEN EAST Australian Tour December '08
That ain't the "real" tour poster; rather, it's just a handbill my brother knocked up at a moment's notice so it could be handed out last Friday at a gig to alert people of the UPCOMING TOUR BY TEN EAST IN DECEMBER. The "real" poster will happen soon. Can you read those dates above? OK, thought not. They play at the Northcote Social Club on Thursday the 11th of December (w/ Beaches and Hotel Wrecking City Traders); at the Meredith Music Festival on the Friday evening (along w/ a host of other bands... you'll be hearing a lot about that in the future); and on Saturday the 13th at the Annandale in Sydney w/ Nunchukka Superfly. It'll be the Arce/Lalli/Giles/Stinson and they promise to knock socks off. I expect to see you there.


Michael said...

Do you gotta be naked to attend the Meredith Music Festival? If so, I may have to book passage over.

Dave said...

You don't HAVE to be naked, but on the Sunday afternoon they hold "The Gift": Australia's premiere unisex nude rock 'n' roll sprint race. For the sake of not offending everyone w/ the sight of my naked body, I have never entered it.