Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boy, I've been a little slack of late. It's called being back at work. My pal Richard from Aarght! came over last Saturday night for dinner and an evening of hardcore music dorkdom. He'd commented to me a couple of months back that, even though I'd made the seemingly outlandish statement a while ago that the American underground/independent music scene went through a boom period ca. 1991-'94, he felt that right now we were experiencing a similar golden age, and yet I appeared to be barely even aware of it. He wished to rectify that situation and spin a few discs he possessed of contemporary outfits from the US of A who cut the grade and then some.

So, we kicked back and enjoyed the aural pleasures of the Wooden Shjips (my fave of the evening), Thomas Function, Eat Skulls, some bands on the S-S label and a few others whose names escape me. It was highly educational. I'd probably throw another one on the pile, a 4-track 12" EP I received in the mail from Nashville trio, Heathern Haints, a nice coloured-vinyl outing w/ a hand-screenprinted sleeve, in an edition of 300 copies. Thank the lord for the corporate behemoth known as Myspace. The band contacted me via the site, proceeded to blow a load of hot air up my backside and before you knew it I was pestering for a freebie (the shamelessness of it all!). Good thing I did. They belt out a super-nice basement-vibe combo of their acknowledged influences - Spacemen 3, Amon Duul, Ghost, Pink Floyd, Charalambides, etc. - and spice it up w/ some semi-soaring vocals and doom-rock theatrics, when the occasion warrants it.

There must be something in the water in Tennessee. I checked out some of their "top friends" and stumbled across a bunch of fellow weirdos by bands with names such as Hollow Ox and Mass At Dawn, and was similarly impressed. No one's reinventing the wheel here, but they're recycling a well-worn path in a very pleasing manner, and I'm always up for some lo-fi, atmospheric psych-rock from the backwoods of anywhere, and Heathern Haints fit the bill. The Kids are still doin' it for themselves...


Nick said...

Sic Alps and Television Ghost are two more US bands worth your time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Long time no talky. Thanks for the CDs you sent me so long ago when I was in Darwin - I have pursued the odd extra Beefheart since... nice. Thanks big guy.

My gosh-a-rooney. What a question to ask out you, seeing that I haven't spoken with you for so long - 8 years?: How do you stand on the whole downloading thing? Are you a Torrent demon, or are you still a vinyl purist?

Please advise STOP

Lots of big hullos

Scott - now living near Canberra

warmpoison said...

was wondering when you were going to haul yr lazy arse into the present! I second the sic alps call - also check the hospitals latest lp for ultimate dementia melodica (forget their older gear) and if you wanna leave the states billy bao's 'dialectics of shit' is the total bomb explosive for 2008. good times.

Dave said...

Hey Scott!

Took me a minute there to cotton onto who you were. Damn, long time no hear! That musta been... yep, 8 years ago we last talked and I sent you a package of audio goodies when you were stationed up north.
I'm neither a torrent demon nor vinyl purist. Too lazy to flip records these days (and w/ an 18-month-old daughter hanging around the stereo at all times just waiting to destroy anything and everything in sight, records can be a drag), I tend to stick to CDs. I went through a phase of torrenting a while back, just to check some things out, but ya know what? Having the world of music a click away is exactly like the kid let loose in a candy store who made himself sick by eating too much and swore to never eat junk again. I became overwhelmed and gave up. Best to BUY things you want and really appreciate them. That's a pretty 20th-century attitude, I know, but I'm an old-fashioned guy. Hope all is well.

Mark: you sound like living in Limeyland has made you a "rocker". Could that be true?

mr. pink said...

You should come to Nashville and see 'em live, sometimes on the same bill. It's sorta like the psych-freak Grand Ole Opry.