Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And here's another event I expect to see you at. It's been organised by a few buddies of mine and promises to be a fun day out for all. Bands! (Good bands!!) BBQs! DJs! Booze! Record stalls! Actually, regarding the latter, I'll be holding one there selling all kindsa goodies on labels such as 4 Men With Beards, Sundazed, Water, Trojan, Munster, Lilith, etc., so come on down to say hello, buy some records and/or call me an asshole. Venue: Corner Hotel. Date: September 6th. Cost: $30 (+ b/fee). 2PM start.
You'll notice I've been rather quarter-arsed w/ the entries of late. Can't explain that. Busy w/ life. Not listening to that much music. No time nor inclination. Gotta get my mojo back...

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