Monday, June 02, 2008

Jay Hinman over at Detailed Twang has done the unthinkable: a political blog. Should be interesting to hear a bunch of dudes (it's always dudes) talking about gun control and the Iraq war, as opposed to coloured-vinyl 7"s and ripping punk-rock 10"s from yesteryear (and you can include me in that bracket), and so you should peruse First Principles and make up your own mind. Frankly, I think Jay's nuts taking it on. The workload alone of keeping up regular entries on three blogs would be enough, but then there's the fanatics and browbeaters such a blog will have to endure. I've already put in my two cents in his comments box, and hope to make it a regular thing.
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING had their launch this last Saturday evening for their recently released sophomore effort, Primary Colours. I wasn't there - damn, it sold out over a month ago (and that's at the Corner Hotel, its capacity being 500+, I'm sure) - and didn't feel like going after hearing it sell out so quick. Sure, I could've scammed my name on the door, but ultimately I just wasn't up for it. The album in question is great, don't get me wrong; a note-perfect follow-up to a terrific debut, its approach is just as shambolic as the first LP, and pretty radical considering its critical and commercial success down here, and I'm happy for their success (even though ECSR appear to be quite befuddled by this newfound popularity)... but they ain't gonna be that local band you can see w/ 50-150 other like minds any more. I got over my musical snobbery years ago (really), so don't get me wrong in thinking I'm bummed by their new success: I just like to keep the bulk of my gig-going activities up close and personal. But anyway, the LP is now out in the US on Goner, and I'm pretty sure they'll be hitting American shores by year's end, so all you Yankees keep yer ears peeled, and we'll see if their charms work their magic on the eyes and ears of folks halfway 'round the world.

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