Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DARK TOOTH ENCOUNTER - Soft Monsters CD (Lexicon Devil/2008)
Too busy doing this stuff to really dedicate time to the blog of late. Long weekend coming up... who knows what will happen? In the meantime, there's this, the new release on Lexicon Devil, which will be out on May 1st. The new Ten East CD, The Robot's Guide To Freedom, with an Arce/Lalli/Stinson/Giles/Reeder/Ginn line-up, will be out May 10th. DTE are Gary and Bill from Ten East, with a totally different approach. On most of the 7 tracks, they're joined by Mario Lalli and Scott Reeder. A truly studio creation, if you dig the sounds of the Meat Puppets, '70s Eno, Pell Mell, Yawning Man or Sonic Youth before they blew, you'll dig these sounds. It is fuggin' ace. The label's web site will have more info in a couple of days.

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