Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Holy mother of cripes! Who woulda thought this existed? Well it does, so enjoy! So far as I know (and tell me if I'm wrong, hopefully w/ a copy of the LP attached), Cherry never released anything w/ Ulmer, though they were obviously playing together in Sweden in the early '70s, where I assume this studio set was recorded, since Cherry was living there at the time and the subtitles feature a whole lotta umlauts and crossed "O"s, and the audience is a rag-tag collection of liberal, blonde and existentially-challenged young folks. Now if you can't get into this, then I don't wanna know you!


Anonymous said...

Is the whole thing online? This is from a Swedish tv doco on Cherry from '77 or '78. They switch back and forth between Don at home with the family in Sweden and then playing in NYC at Rasheid Ali's club, Ali's Alley. Nana Vasconcelos also shows up in the NYC clips. Anyone into the Cherry 70's stuff like Organic Music Society or Brown Rice would love the thing. Shows Don's Swedish wife making the quilts which show up on the lp covers. Interviews are great as well. Nice to know someone documented this era of Cherry and treated his world view with respect at the time. My jaw dropped when Ulmer was on there as nobody had mentioned it in the write up. Man, those euros occasionally get it right. The dvd was floating around last year online and the quality was a-ok. In the top 5 of my grabs last year. Dude, almost as good is the 20 minute black and white clip of Peter Brotzmann quartet live on Polish tv from '74 which is still online as is the live Cherry shows with, get this, SANDY BULL from '75. Great shit


Anonymous said...

thanks for the willingness to u/l the supreme dicks. i lost the link to this site so i haven't replied back until now!

if you'd like any help or instructions or what not for ripping and zipping the mp3s, i'd be more than glad to help.

i'm bookmarking this page.

thanks so much!