Sunday, March 30, 2008

DIED PRETTY - Stoneage Cinderella
This is the band live (well, miming) on French TV back in '86. I only heard this song for the first time, via this clip, when it aired on Rage back in '99. Blew me the fuck away. I taped it and played it repeatedly for weeks on end. Of course I'd heard a bunch of Died Pretty before - you couldn't grow up in Melbourne in the '80s listening to public radio and not hear 'em - though I paid little attention. They were OK, I thought, but they were Old People Music, and not really for me. By the year 1999 I considered myself old, or at least old enough to check them out, and so I bought their recently-released Best Of. Everything from 1984-'91 is white-hot. Not everything thereafter is. But "Stoneage Cinderella" remains their highpoint, a scorching combo of Highway 61 Revisited and Funhouse. Watch this clip and tell me this ain't the shit.


luKe said...

You should really check out the band's first album FREE DIRT. It's one of my personal desert island albums. Mindblowingly good & very addictive!!
In the early 90's, I saw the band live in Brussels and they totally kicked ass!
Don't care that much about their later albums although some do have their moments...

Dave said...

Luke: I have heard Free Dirt in the intervening years, and it is indeed a great album. I only ever saw the band once, at their supposedly "last ever" show in late 2002, when I took along a Texan friend who was in town for the week and staying at our place (strangely enough, he was a Texan [and ex-Buttholes member!] who was totally obsessed w/ Australian music a la Scientists, Lime Spiders, Birthday Party, Beasts of Bourbon, etc., and Died Pretty were his absolute faves. A good week for him to be in town). Died Pretty were absolutely hot. Ron Peno now plays in a bluegrass-y duo w/ Kim Salmon called the Darling Downs. They're very fine, and Peno remains an excellent and highly eccentric front man.