Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taking a bit of a break from this blogging biz for a brief while. Just too damn overwhelmed with other things in my life right now. In the meantime, if you're really up for some thrills, you can visit some old entries listed below. Grab a brew, kick back and relax...

The Feelies

5 Films I Like, so fuck you

Miles/Current 93/The Damned/The Band/The Pop Group

The Cramps

Butthole Surfers/Pere Ubu: the verdict!

Rudolph Grey/Blue Humans

Love/Contortions/Soft Boys/etc.

Roky/Rudimentary Peni/Sun Ra/etc.

Screamers/Dicks/Big Boys

Third Ear Band/John Cale/Black Flag/etc.


My Dad Is Dead/Albert Ayler/Cabaret Voltaire/Immortal/etc.

Arthur Russell/William Parker/Gun Club/etc

Raymond Scott

The Howling Hex

Dozen Greatest Jazz Albums Ever Made, seriously

Death SS

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I must've been snoozing when most of these came online - I got a lot of reading to catch up with. And didn't realize you once blogged about DEATH SS! Once again, you beat me to the punch.

Re: your 5 Films I Like, so fuck you post - Adrienne Barbeau is an absolute goddess in my narrow-minded world. Aaaah yes.