Sunday, January 06, 2008


The gents from Saccharine Trust have put up some great, old-school LA punk photos on their MySpace page. Check it out here. And check out Dez Cadena above! To think he traded in the Clash(!!) t-shirt just a few years later for long hair, a beard and a Hendrix top!

Jay Hinman couldn't stay away for long, and has once again hit the blogging scene, this time putting finger to keyboard regarding films. Yep, movies, cinema, flix, whatever. It's called Celluloid Hut and you can find it here. Whilst some people may be find the man's mere existence an offence (and quite obviously lose sleep over the fact, mumbling "Must... kill... Jay... Hinman" as they toss and turn under their new Beaver Cleaver dooner cover they just scored on eBay), I'm glad the guy's back on board and waxing lyrical on various films that float his boat. I've been a movie nut since way before I went ga-ga over music (mainly horror flix, thats is), and Jay's middlebrow tastes are pretty much along the same lines as mine. I do not for one second claim to be any kind of expert on film, and most "arthouse" cinema bores the living bejesus outta me. I know for a fact that various friends of mine think my taste in cinema to be unrelentingly dull, whilst in the same breath hailing just about any movie of unrelenting tedium to be a masterpiece that my dilletante brain could never fully comprehend and appreciate. Screw that! Watching a good movie should never be a chore or a slog. For me to even bother with a film beyond its first 20 minutes it must immediately engage and present me with at least a smidgen of narrative thrust. Anything less and I'm outta there. You can check the list of my fave films in my complete profile tab to your right and have a good laugh. Best American director of the last 10 years? That'd be Alexander Payne, for having made Election, About Schmidt and Sideways. He's an acute observer of human behaviour and his films comprise of characters on screen I can actually vaguely relate to. Quite a feat.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping those photos will all end up in a Dave Markey photo book we can all purchase, sooner rather than later.

luKe said...

"that my dilletante brain could never fully comprehend and appreciate"

there's a word for it dave: MENTAL LAZINESS ;-)