Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wow! One could waste a lifetime on this thing called "the internet". Two great bands from the last 20 years whom I will gladly waste breath singing the praises of: Dog Faced Hermans and the Stretchheads. You can check out the former here and the latter here. Ass-kickin' goodness!

Whilst you're at it, Mrow over at Pig State Recon has struck gold once again. He's managed to dig up the "SWA Defense Piece" from oblivion (originally printed in the now-defunct comments box at Agony Shorthand many a moon ago) and give it a second airing. It is, naturally, well worth reading, and may just rate as some of the most sublime music journalism you will ever encounter. I pulled out my copy of SWA's Evolution 1985-87 CD as a perfect soundtrack to accompany my reading.

More posting soon....

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