Monday, April 23, 2007

'Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

THE COLOURED BALLS. Fucking hell, man. Totally cromagnon. What did they even call this kinda stuff in Australia, way back when? 'Eavy Metal? Bovver Boy Rock? Did then even call it music?

Me, I always imagine these BALL guys were gruntin' and hunchin' something fierce as they rocked. Were these guys short, like apes/trolls? Sure sounds that way, in the harsh light of 2007. And that's a compliment.

Dave said...

The Coloured Balls were known as a "sharpie" band. Sharpies were a pretty uniquely Australian phenomenon, though related (and similar)to skinheads. Their preferred music was boot-stomping HM rock a la Coloured Balls, Slade, AC/DC, etc. Colured Balls WERE the business. Good to see some yanks know their Oz-rock!