Sunday, March 11, 2007

After a week of being basically trapped inside the house looking after a new born, I headed into the big smoke yesterday and visited Oren at Metropolis Books and Music. "Hey man, your CD is here. Nice liner notes", says Mr. Ambarchi. Huh? He passes me the Afflicted Man Complete Recordings 2CD, which I instantly recognise as an item Chris over at Blog to Comm reviewed a little while back. I open the cover, spot the three-panel liner notes and the credit at the end of them: Dave Lang. A few names in the notes leap out at me: SWA, Wurm, Husker Du, Tar Babies, Minutemen. Now somebody's taking the piss! The label - Senseless Whale - has a Perth address, though Oren concluded that it was likely a semi-boot put out by someone at Forced Exposure. Come on, people, 'fess up!

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