Thursday, September 07, 2006

If you're passionate about your music, yet are still able to retain a sense of humour regarding sounds of a lesser stature, then I highly recommend you check out Yacht Rock. I blabbered about You Tube roughly six months ago, figuring I was the last guy on earth to discover their wares. I was wrong, so I figure I'm wrong in thinking I may just be the last man standing to've come across the hilarities at Yacht Rock. What is "Yacht Rock"? It's a genre, stupid! Think beards, power ballads, soaring choruses, keyboard guitars, possible cocaine addictions, games of golf and men on yachts. In other words, think Toto, Steve Perry, Boz Scaggs, Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross and other favourites. A friend and I have had a bit of an obsession w/ this stuff of late, as our too-talented-to-really-exist duo, Anal Birth, have already set to tape a pipin' version of Toto's "Africa". We're also working on covering Boz Scaggs' "Lido Shuffle", Eric Clapton's blues-rock scorcher "It's In The Way That You Use It" and maybe a Bruce Hornsby song or two. I'll let you know when the MySpace site is set up. Until then...

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