Tuesday, July 12, 2005

To quote a buddy of mine: If this blog was a plant, it would've died by now through lack of care and attention. My job, which for the previous 2 and a 1/2 years has always been fairly "casual", has, in the last 6 weeks, turned into a real JOB, if you know what I mean. You know, clock in-clock out kinda deal. Things will settle down soon, and when it does, I'll jump back on the blog train.

In the meantime, you should check out these people. Between the lot of 'em, you've got all bases covered anyway...

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Letters Have No Arms

What We Do Is Secret

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Music Chamber

Sex Kittens Compare Scratches

When you're finished with them, read Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (the Please Kill Me of '60s/'70s American cinema; the mind boggles at the debauchery and egos), Our Band Could Be Your Life and England's Dreaming; watch The Shield (flip you, too, man! Am I the only one who absolutely relishes watching this show every Wednesday night? It's just about the best cop show I've ever seen: nasty, violent and completely non-judgemental of its characters. Every cop in the station is a crook, and for some reason you actually want to see them get away with it), Sideways (best flick of the year) and Shaun Of The Dead (best flick of the last 5 years) and listen to every Enslaved disc, Barre Phillips' Mountainscapes, every Food CD, Krakatau, Back From The Grave volumes 1-4 (give 'em time, you'll be converted), Wire's Chairs Missing (c'mon, this leaves Pink Flag for dead!), Essendon Airport's Sonic Investigations (of the trivial) CD (terrific compilation of this '70s/'80s Melbourne combo's early works on Chapter), Rudimentary Peni's Cacophony (featured in this month's MOJO as a "musical epiphany" for one of the douchebags from Mars Volta. Go figure that one out), some SunnO))) and chill the fuck out.