Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I’m basically on Xmas break now, kicking back and enjoying a bit of free time. Maybe a little too much free time, as this thought just hit my mind: what are some of the strangest gig pairings you’ve heard of? That is, actual gigs which happened. Here’s a small sample:

Dead Kennedys/Sun Ra – apparently they played together in San Fran, ca. 1980.
Sex Pistols/Pretty Things – London, 1976
Germs/Love – LA, 1978.
Minutemen/REM – 1985 tour. That’s probably not so strange, though I still can’t get my head around it.
SVT/Teen Idles - never heard of SVT? Me neither. They were a "New Wave" band featuring Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane! The Teen Idles, Ian MacKaye's pre-Minor Threat punk band, supported them in DC in '80. Go figure that one.
Crass/Dire Straits – apparently played a gig together in the late ‘70s, or so the liner notes to Crass’ Best Before 2LP says.
Black Flag/Venom – somewhere in the US, 1986. Man, what a crazy bill…
New York Dolls/Lynyrd Synyrd – did a brief tour – as in a few shows – in the early ‘70s and, surprisingly, apparently got on OK.

All right then, mail ‘em in…

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