Sunday, October 24, 2004


Here’s a couple of beauties for everyone to enjoy.

Firstly, here’s the footage to Ashlee Simpson miming on Saturday Night Live. Why am I linking to this kind of nonsense on a "serious" site dedicated to music practically no-one on the planet gives a shit about? Because it’s funny as hell, and the white-man shuffle Ashlee does when she realizes she’s fucked up had me in hysterics. You know when you’re known as “the less talented Simpson girl”, you’re in trouble.

Next is an article on the slated “Germs Movie”, which sounds like a disaster in the making. Funnily enough, it was rumoured a few years ago that none other than Madonna was funding a Germs bio-pic – with David Arquette as Darby (oh, man… the horror) – but it fell apart and so instead they’ve got a collection of semi-zeroes in playing the main characters this time around. That’s Lukas Haas playing Don Bolles! Remember him? He was the little Amish kid in Witness. The mind boggles. I sure hope this project finishes, sounds better than Gigli.

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