Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I love that line... taken from Bachelor Party, I believe. Aaah, what a movie. Anyway, the following piece of ego-stroking reminds me of an old Dan Clowes comic. It was a one-caption cartoon portrait of himself holding up a copy of the fictional Butt Brain fanzine, which featured an article on him, in which he says something like, Gee, I guess I just get a big head when I see my name in print. That's me in a teacup: an irrepressible loser who gets a big head when some other, equally hopeless loser acknowledges his existence. A friend pointed the following out to me last week:

UK issue of the final Captain Beefheart studio album, originally released in 1982. "The best thing about Ice Cream is that it meshes up the best elements of Beefheart: rampaging garage rock, Delta blues, dislocated jazz/avant-garde rhythms, and most of all, very catchy songs. The bulk of the record borders on twisted pop, much like Safe As Milk: a mixture of wild R & B/trash-rock and maudlin, schlocky harmonies. This album was released at a time when 'rock' music of any stripe wasn't very fashionable, yet it rocks harder than the bulk of its contemporaries. Whilst many admirers of Beefheart from the punk era had either gone New Wave, synth-pop or completely underground Beefheart sounds oblivious to it all. The rough, earthy sound of Ice Cream for Crow, along with its stunning sleeve art comprising of a mournful photo of The Man placed on top of an original, desert-tinged painting by himself, always brings to mind visions of Beefheart heroically sailing off to his caravan in the Arizona desert for a lifetime of retirement after one of his strongest artistic statements." -- David Lang.

That's taken from the Forced Exposure web site in their listing for Beefheart's Ice Cream For Crow CD. The quote in particular is taken from an ancient (well, I think I wrote it 6 years back) article I wrote on the album for Perfect Sound Forever. Either Forced Exposure or Virgin are getting desperate for press quotes, or they hire full-time stooges to trawl the 'net finding suitable quotes from people they don't have to pay. You be the judge of that.

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