Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Has anyone ever seen the 1985 teen flick, Just One of the Guys? It was a late-night free-to-air TV staple down here in the late '80s and a definite fave of mine from the era. Sure, you've got the standard '80s schtick with a mountain of pastel clothes and peroxided fringes to wade through, but beneath that are some knockout performances (from a bunch of zeroes, so no need to even mention names), a sympathetic high school "freak" who's obsessed with James Brown and the presence of the Stooges on the soundtrack, with "Down on the Street" blaring throughout the "cafeteria scene". Now, how many '80s teen flicks could boast that? I'm happy to say it's now on DVD. The interested, if there are any, should check their local outlet.

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